“I've been attending Antonia's Pilates classes (both small group sessions and mat classes) for 6 years. In that time, Antonia has built my core strength (much needed after two pregnancies) and re shaped my arms and legs to appear longer and leaner. What I love most about Antonia's classes is the energy and dynamism she brings. They are never boring. She always mixes things up to keep me engaged, interested and wanting more! I've had Pilates sessions in the past that are so formulaic and routine that it almost feels like a chore. Antonia's classes make you feel energised, realigned and renewed. Antonia is a fantastic teacher and provides first class expertise in Pilates. She is simply a joy to be around and her classes are the highlight of my week. “


“After suffering back problems for many years, I started attending Pilates small group classes. Pilates has kept my back problems at bay and increased my level of flexibility and core strength. Antonia has taught me in both mat and small group classes for over a year. She knows my strengths and weaknesses and has the ability to take care of me when I have any aches or pains, but also push me when I am fighting fit. She can work with clients on different levels at the same time and give a wide and varied class to each and every client. She can tailor your class to suit your needs. I believe my level of strength has increased over the last year and this has been due to my time with Antonia.”


“I have been attending small group Pilates classes run by Antonia for about 4 years.  When I first began her classes I was very unsure of my ability and with her encouragement I have gained confidence and improved my technique.

As an Instructor she is excellent.  She is able to watch each person in the group and ensure that they are working correctly and assists in correcting technique.  She encourages clients to work to their maximum whilst always being mindful of any personal problems that might need to be addressed.

She is very reliable and always warm and welcoming when I arrive – even at 7.00 am!!

She has helped me to enjoy Pilates and encouraged me to try new exercises.  I will be very sorry not to work with her in the future and can only wish her continued success in her career.  She is a talented Instructor and dedicated to her work.


“I discovered Pilates with Antonia several years ago, and I’ve followed her from studio to studio ever since, because the fact is I have never been able to find another instructor who could come close. Even if you have experienced Pilates, Pilates with Antonia is completely different, namely because she pushes you to the absolute limits of your endurance, but with a lot of emphasis on technique so you are always safe. My posture, stamina and overall body have completely changed since I started her class, and most importantly I have discovered a physical strength I never thought I could have. Knowing that has given me so much confidence in my everyday life. If you’re after a lean, feminine dancer’s physique, and can handle a tough class with the occasional a giggle (there are moments!), she’s definitely the woman for you.”


“Antonia has single handedly made me into a Pilates super fan! Her classes are consistently challenging as well as fun. She is loving but firm in her teaching, which allows us all to work within our facility but push our limits. I would recommend Antonia’s classes without hesitation”