The Benefits of Pilates

We all have moments of weakness and try and find excuses not to exercise; these excuses often overshadow every motivation we have to get to the gym. Sometimes high intensity workouts can be a little too much, but fortunately Pilates can save the day. With lots to offer Pilates can shape you up in no time keeping you fit, healthy and energised.  Benefits of Pilates:


1. Better Posture:

The Pilates Method promotes better posture and balance by teaching realignment and stability. It helps build a strong core by activating the lower abdominals along with the muscles closest to the spine, giving the spine support to lengthen. Making you feel stronger and taller.

 “A man is as young as his spinal column” J.P

2. Look Good:

The beauty of Pilates is that it activates all muscles, improves coordination and increases strength, flexibility and stamina. It elongates and strengthens without building excess bulk. It increases muscle elasticity and creates a sleek, longer shaped up body.  Giving you the physic you have always wanted.

3.  Connecting your mind and body:

Pilates gets your mind in tune with your body. It improves body awareness and leads muscles to control posture, gracefulness, agility and flowing movements.  You will emphasise on the quality of movement with complete concentration, precision and become acutely aware of how your body works, how it feels and what it needs. 

4. Fat loss/weight control:

Practicing Pilates can result to weight loss, combined with a low calorie diet it can reduce fat and make that little tummy pooch disappear. 

5. Rehabilitation and injury prevention:

Originally the Pilates Method was created just for rehabilitation purposes. Over the years after lots of research and development, the Pilates system offers a wide range of balancing and conditioning exercises suitable for injury prevention for the whole body. Keeping you always healthy. 

6. Appropriate for everyone: 

The best thing about Pilates is anyone and everyone can practice it. There are so many adaptations on the classical exercises of low impact, which accommodate all levels of fitness and specific needs. No matter what your physical characteristics, your fitness experience, size, shape or age are Pilates can challenge you in a sensible and safe way.